About Us


Transitioning from an education career, I love all things learning and traveling! As the Chief Executive Travel Curator of an authentic experience for you, Kee will learn all that she can to be able to customize each and every travel experience. Bringing a year of travel experience, she will ensure that your travel plans are well thought out and nothing short of amazing! Are you ready to get started? If so, go to the travel inquiry form or go ahead and book your first trip!

At Keys Travel Escape, we're committed to enchanting clients through inspired, radiant, and graceful service. By practicing 'pure presence' we enhance our clients' prestige and pleasure, thereby enriching Kee's legacy of excellence.

You will have a custom package that is curated for you or you can book a vacation package that we offer all of our wonderful clients. Packages include:

The Luxury Baecation
Girls Trip
Bros Trip
Group Trip
Weekend Trips
Solo Travels
Cruises + Excursions
Flights + Hotels
Multi-destination add-ons
Help us, help you have the most wonderful experience and vacation ever! Happy traveling!